Virtual Numbers


How can you be in two area codes at once ?

Dolphin Tel's Virtual Phone Numbers are an inexpensive secondary number that ring to your primary phone line. Simply select a Virtual Phone Number that we offer, see the list below for availability, then call us to get a Virtual Phone Number.

Here's an example of a working Dolphin Tel Virtual Phone Number. You live in Vancouver where your main number has area code 604. Your parents live in Edmonton. Their area code is 780. You could get a Virtual Phone Number in the 780 area code that rings on your 604 line. Now mom and dad don't have to pay long distance charges when they call.

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The cost is only $4.95 per month for each Virtual Phone Number you add to your Province Plan, World Plan, or World Plus Plan. There's no set-up fee, cancellation fee, or per miniute charge, just $4.95 per month. Business Virtual Numbers are available as well at only $9.95 per month.

To sign-up for your own Virtual Phone Number today, call the Dolphin Tel office and request one.