Fax Service

Receive Faxes Through Your email

With Fax to E-mail service you no longer tied to the fax machine waiting for faxes. When a fax is sent to your number, our service re-directs the fax to an e-mail address of your choice in .pdf format.

Eliminate the need to constantly monitor your fax machine. With Fax to email your faxes go straight to your email inbox.

Check your faxes through your PC e-mail client (outlook) or web mail from anywhere in the world.

Choose to save, print of delete unwanted faxes.


Plan A

Receive up to 300 fax
pages (combined)

Plan B

Receive up to 500 fax
pages (combined)

Plan C

Receive up to 1,000 fax
pages (combined) &
1 North American Toll
Free Fax Number