Hunt Groups

Hunt Groups

A Hunt Group is a feature that routes incoming calls to a specific group of phone numbers, or extensions, in a predetermined order. This allows an organization to manage incoming calls more efficiently and ensure that calls are answered in a timely manner.

Here's how a typical inbound call is handled by a Hunt Group:

1. An incoming call is received by the Dolphin Tel VoIP system.

2. The system checks the hunt group settings to determine which phone numbers should receive the call. This can be based on various criteria, such as the time of day, the caller's phone number, or the type of call.

3. The system begins "hunting" for an available line by trying each phone number in the hunt group in a predetermined order.

4. If an person is available to answer the call, the call will be connected to their phone. If no one is available, the call will either be forwarded to a voicemail system or sent to the next phone number in the hunt group. Which is determined by the hunt group configuration.

VoIP hunt groups are often used by businesses to distribute incoming calls evenly among a team of customer service representatives or to route calls to specific departments or teams. They can alds be used by individuals to route calls between their main home and avacation residence.

Functionally, hunt groups can be set up to route calls to extensions in a specific order, or to rotate calls among extensions in a round-robin fashion. They can also be configured to allow calls to be transferred to other extensions or to an outside phone number (forwarded) if they are not answered within a certain time frame.

The configurations are almost endless and it can be made to fit your needs.