Dolphin Tel provides award winning Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) voice communications, that is leaps and bounds ahead of traditional phone services.

Our technology that uses the internet to transmit voice as digital content. Unlike traditional land-based phones, Dolphin Tel is a more flexible and cost-effective solution that offers many benefits. One of the significant advantages of our service is the cost savings. Dolphin Tel calls are significantly cheaper than traditional landline calls because we use the internet to transmit voice data, which means that there are minimal long-distance fees or other charges. In addition, Dolphin Tell does offer unlimited calling plans, which can help businesses and individuals, reduce their communication costs significantly.

Another significant benefit of the services we offer at Dolphin Tel is its flexibility. With traditional land-based phones, users are tied to their physical location, and they can only make calls from their designated phone line. However, with Dolphin Tel, users can make calls from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection and a device to connect to our service. This means that users can work remotely or travel without missing important calls, and businesses can easily set up virtual offices in different locations without having to invest in expensive infrastructure.

At Dolphin Tel we also offer a range of features that are not available with traditional land-based phones. For example, we can have users to set up virtual extensions, forward calls to mobile devices, and receive voicemail messages via email. These features make it easier for everyone to manage their world much easier though a simple to use familiar system.

Finally, Dolphin Tel offers many benefits over traditional land-based phones, including the obvious cost savings, flexibility, advanced features, and is mobility friendly. With the rapid growth of fast Internet and the increasing demand for remote work, and travel, the Dolphin Tel solutions are a perfect fit in a modern world.

Residential Services

Save money everyday and get all the features of a traditional landline phone.

    Business Services

    A multitude of options as diverse as your business needs to suceed.

      Mobile Services

      Add another number or two to your smartphone wherever you travel.

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