Thomson TG784

Best in Class xDSL Gateway Offering Superior Digital and Voice Communication


The Thomson TG784 is a triple-play DSL Gateway providing VoIP and Networking Connectivity via LAN, WAN and Wi-Fi. The Thomson TG784 can be used in different deployment models, as it can handle multiple access technologies via the ADSL2+ interface or ETH WAN uplink port. This service platform offers next to 4 Ethernet ports, also an additional 802.11b/g wireless LAN interface. World class leading edge interconectivity for all your voice and data needs from Thomson and Dolphin Tel.wifi-certifiedupnp

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Key Features and Benefits Provided by Thomson Electronics:


LAN / WAN Connectivity

 WAN ports:

One 10/100 Ethernet port and one DSL RJ-11 port

 WAN port(s) type:

DSL/ISDN/POTS connector (RJ-11)

 LAN ports:


 LAN ports type:

10/100 Base-TX (RJ-45)

 LAN ports auto cross-over:


USB port(s):

storage device, printer, DECT adapter

 USB port type:

USB 2.0

 RJ-11 FXS VoIP phone ports:


 RJ-11 FXO VoIP PSTN wall jack port:



 NAT routing:






 Port forwarding:


 DHCP server:


 DHCP client:


 DHCP relay:


 Dynamic DNS client:






 Routing Protocols:

VLAN tagging (802.1q)
IGMP Multicast (RFC 1112)


 DSL compliance:

ADSL1 (G.dmt 992.1, G.lite 992.2, G.hs 994.1, DMT T1.413)
ADSL2 (G.992.3, G.lite.bis 992.4)
ADSL2+ (G.992.5)


 VoIP Protocols:

SIP v2 (RFC 3261)
T.38 (Fax over IP)

 VoIP Audio Codecs:

G.711 (PCM)
G.729 (a/b)

 VoIP Voice Features:

3-way conferencing
Caller ID
Call waiting
Call transfer
Call forward
Call Blocking
Distinctive Ring


 WiFi types supported:

802.11b (11 Mbps)
802.11g (54 Mbps)

 Wifi security/authentication:


 WiFi modes:

Access point

 external antenna(s):


 Multiple SSID:


 WMM (QoS):


 WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup):



 SPI firewall:


 DoS / DDoS protection:


 Security log:



Domain/URL blocking, IP Address filtering, keyword/content filtering

 Device Management

 Default IP address:

 Default admin username:


 Default admin password:



Web-based (LAN)
Remote configuration (WAN)
Quick Setup Wizard

 Firmware upgradeable:


 Configuration backup/restore: