Linksys SPA 2102 Help

Configuration and Setup Guide

Getting Started



If you don't have a router and only have a standard DSL or Cable modem, or if your modem does not have router function, you'll need to install the Linksys SPA-2102 VoIP adapter with the router function. The SPA-2102 also has the added feature of having two phone lines for connection to existing analog telephone handsets.


1.) Turn off your computer, modem and the Linksys 2101 phone adapter (for modems without an off/on switch just unplug the power to the unit).

2.) Disconnect your computer from your high-speed modem, and then using that same cable, plug the cable into the PC port of the Linksys 2102 phone adapter.

3.) Connect the WAN port on the Linksys  2102 phone adapter to your DSL or Cable modem (the same port your computer was connected to) using the Ethernet cable included in the DolphinTel connection Kit.

4.) Connect your touchtone telephone to the phone 1 port on the Lynksys 2102 phone adapter using a standard telephone cable.

5.)Turn on your modem (and your computer) and wait for them to start up (typically, when all lights have turned green.)

6.) Plug the power adapter into the power jack on the Lynksys 2102 phone adapter and then into an electrical outlet. This will turn the adapter on.The light on the Lynksys 2102 phone adapter will flash red until the adapter connects to the Service. Pick up the telephone handset and listen for a dial tone. You can now make calls now!


Advanced Installation for PPPoE

If you use DSL and your provider requires "User Name & Password" authentication, you will need to connect a router directly to your modem (unless PPPoE has been setup on the modem). You can then connect your 2102 to your router.
You will also need to setup port forwarding on your router. The ports that need to be forwarded to your ATA are 5060 and 5061. Also, if you setup remote access on the 2102, we recommend doing this on port 4747. This port will also have to be forwarded on your router.

For any other issues with your DolphinTel Linksys 2102 Phone Adaptor contact the supoport department during regular business hours and they can assist you with your problem.